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Assisting you in making the right choice...

Your Event is the single most important thing to us and ultimately you need to make the choice that Masquerade is the right band for you...
To assist you in evaluating Masquerade we have prepared some answers to questions asked most frequently by our Clients. If your question does not appear here please contact us and we will reply to you within a day.

What is your most popular line-up to date?

It is difficult to give you a singe answer but we will do out best. It is certainly the Electric line-ups that get most of the bookings.

8 piece Electric is by far the most popular choice at Events exceeding 300 Guests. These Events are generally held at venues that can accommodate a large band and technical production, such as Crown Palladium, MCG Ballroom, MCEC , etc.
10 piece Electric, often featuring Aerial Performers is a popular choice at Award ceremonies exceeding 500 Guests.
6 piece Electric is most popular at most medium sized Events, with approximately 300-500 guests.

Can you help me plan my event?

We would be delighted to! Masquerade has established relationships with many event production teams, photographers, videographers, DJ’s and MC’s over the years. As far as entertainment, audio and visual production goes, we’ve got it covered, no matter what the size of the event is. If you are, on the other hand, only looking for some advice and contact details, we will be more than happy to help you with that too!

I’ve never booked a band before. What do you need to know?

We understand that booking bands is not something most people do very often. To assist you in the process, we have prepared a simple performance questionnaire  form to guide you through the process.
Event date, location and size are essential for us to confirm availability and provide you with a pricing guideline.

What happens between sets (background music)?

In the absence of a DJ, which is one of the options we offer, Masquerade have prepared several mixes of songs that may be used between breaks to keep the event “hot”. This includes 80′s mixes, 70′s disco mixes, top hits of last 2 decades as well as dance-music mixes of today. As a part of our booking process this is one of the questions we ask you…
It is important to note that our sound production crew has an iPod connection ready in case you wish to play a mix of music from your own device.

Is PA System included with your prices?

All Event Entertainment proposals Masquerade prepares include production costs for Sound and Lighting as a separate line-item. 80% of Venues Masquerade performs at have AV suppliers ready to go and this may already be a part of your arrangement with the Venue. Masquerade has the capacity to source and deliver production for Events from 100 to 10,000 People. We will prepare the production prices and options for you; the final choice is always yours.

Will the Band show up?

Masquerade is a team of dedicated and passionate professionals who’s number one goal is to share the love for music and entertainment with you and your guests. Every Masquerade performance is contracted and planned, in detail, in collaboration with you. There is nowhere else Masquerade crew would rather be than in front of you and your guests, doing what they do best-performing!
Masquerade will arrive at your event on time, tuned up, looking sharp, sounding great and ready to groove!!!

What about Events outside of Melbourne?

Masquerade often travels throughout Australia as well as abroad for Corporate Events.
It is best to contact us and discuss details of the Event however the following few points may answer your immediate questions.
For Events located more than a 90-minute drive from the CBD Masquerade crew will require overnight accommodation and meal allowance. Clean accommodation with parking spaces is required and is always made a part of our Agreement. When it comes to travel arrangements and expenses, we collaborate closely with our Clients on flights, transport and accommodation arrangements to ensure the best possible outcome for both.

How much time do you need to set up?

To make sure the stage setup, sound and lighting is absolutely perfect for your Event, the band requires at least 2 hours of setup time. Having said that Masquerade can set up and sound check in under 1 hour.

Will you book another performance on the same day as our event?

As a general rule – No!
We have double booked the band when only a female singer was required at one event – and the male singer was available for another. Even in these extremely rare cases, we will only double book if the Client is happy to do so. We have a full disclosure policy – and will never surprise you on the night with a different lead singer. Some musicians, however, may be replaced for certain events pending availability.

Do you play requests?

If the request is a part of our regular set-list and it fits the event and the crowd, then we will be delighted to do so. If you have special requests for the band to learn before the event please let us know and we will let you know if this will attract any extra fees.

As a general rule it is entirely up to the band on the night to make the assessment if a last minute request can be played. This is due to the set structure, timings and the fact that the band needs to sound great at all times! Last, but not least, Masquerade needs to ensure the highest level of quality – and sometimes playing unrehearsed songs compromises that.


How do I manage speeches and breaks?

Masquerade, in most cases , works with the Event production team to create a running schedule for the Event. Many events Masquerade has performed at required the band to be ready to go and wait for the call for periods of 30 minutes at a time. This is not unusual and flexibility is key.
Sometimes, in our experience, over-planned schedule tends to put stress on the entire Events team and ultimately causes the Event not not running as scheduled.Whatever the case may be on the night Masquerade can quickly add or remove songs, extend or shorten certain parts and tweak the song list to adhere to last minute changes to the schedule. In a sentence – we are ready!

What if the band is too loud?

As professional musicians, Masquerade can play softly should the event require this kind of approach. Our high end production team is very friendly and open to suggestions. With more than 300 events played over the years Masquerade guarantees that loudness will be adjusted to the audience. For example, a smooth dinner set played very softly allows for normal conversation to be held at the tables, whilst a powerful rock set, usually towards the end of the night, is just loud enough to get everyone’s hands in the air and sing!!!

Will the dancefloor be full?

Experience is key;  Masquerade draws its repertoire from a pool of more than 200 songs, all proven to be dance-floor fillers. Whether your guests are 10 or 100 years old Masquerade will tailor the best possible song-list to suit the event. Playing every song 100% live, without any pre-recorded tracks, Masquerade has the ability to tweak the song arrangements, tempo and “feel” – adjusting it to the Event. We promise you that Masquerade will perform with full dedication and do everything possible to get everyone up and boogie…